Are you Wriggling yet?

I wanna see you wriggle. No, seriously, go on – I wanna see! Ok, ok, you can stop shaking what your mother gave you because I’m actually talking about the service, Wriggle. Wriggle are the guys giving you the BEST deals on loads of Bristol Restaurants, and I’ve teamed up with them to try their service so I can tell you guys just how amazing and easy it is.

“HOW DOES IT WORK?!” I hear you cry! Firstly, you can sign up FREE to the Wriggle website right here. You can also download the Wriggle app for your phone. Just pop in your details (email & create a password) and you’re ready to get a Wriggle on. When you pick a deal, you simply enter your payment details and you’ll be sent a confirmation & code to use when you eat out in Bristol restaurants. With me so far? Great! because we’re moving on to the tasty bit…

wriggle 1
(The Wriggle homepage)

Wriggle has great daily deals from a number of independent Bristol restaurants, so when I decided to try their service, I had a browse and found this amazing deal: 2 burgers & 2 sides for just £12 (usually £20!!) at a place called The Chicken Shack. I’d heard great things about this quirky Bristol eatery before, so thought it was the perfect opportunity to treat myself and the boyfriend to their Wriggle deal!

wriggle 2


As you can see, there are a limited number of deals per restaurant available and allocated times in which you can claim them. However, the time slots give you ample time to get down and tuck in and as long as you’re quick, you’ll never miss a deal!

SO, I claimed my deal and I was instantly sent a text code to show when I arrived at the restaurant. I had no fuss when I showed the code, it was just like “Yo, I’m Wriggling, look, I’ve got my code and everything” and they were like “Sweet, let me check that and I’ll get the chefs cooking for ya.” Easy peasy! The whole process of using credits, receiving your code and showing your code at the restaurant is slick and problem free. Bliss.

Here’s some pictures from my visit to The Chicken Shack at The Love Inn, Stokes Croft;

This is the restaurant from the outside, it’s a cute and quirky little venue on the corner in Stokes Croft called The Love Inn. The Chicken Shack is within The Love Inn – that’s a mouthful!

the love inn 1.jpg

We decided to take a seat outside, because although it was clearly a cloudy day, it was super warm… The outdoor area is small and cosy. It’s got real personality!

the love inn 69

And here’s our food! We both ordered the Maryland Chicken burger with a side of fries each. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Seriously, no complaints. The chicken was juicy and the fries were seasoned to perfection; the perfect lunch! Although we had chicken, there was the option of a veggie burger, and you could opt for onion rings instead of fries if you wanted.

the love inn 2

Although we didn’t sit inside, I thought I’d take a picture for you guys as it was so cool and had a really friendly and welcoming vibe. I love their lighting!

the love inn 3

I can honestly say without Wriggle I would never have discovered this gem of a restaurant, and I know it’s somewhere I will be revisiting, for sure. Great service, great food and great decor.

Overall, I feel Wriggle has changed the way I’ll eat out in Bristol. It allows me to discover SO many tasty independent Bristol restaurants whilst receiving amazing discounts, and it couldn’t be easier to use. So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you sign up today and start Wiggling your way around Bristol’s tastiest eateries! If you have Wriggle already I’d love to know what you think, and if you don’t have it but you try it out, let me know how you get on, let’s chat food!

Go on, get a Wriggle on!

*Special thanks to the lovely guys at Wriggle for asking me to get involved, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing your service and will definitely be using it whenever I am out in Bristol.












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