The 15 stages of having a bath.

Firstly, although this is a post about having a bath; I’m deffo more of a shower kind of girl. I love putting my music on and dancing behind a steamed up shower screen with mascara running down my face covered in delicious smelling soapy suds. HOWEVER, I do love treating myself to a bath once in awhile, especially if I’ve been stressed or just want to escape and be alone for a while. So sociable, I know.

However, my bath never quite seems to match up to the pretty Instagram pics you see of zen-like bathroom scenes full of candles and pure relaxation. Here’s the reality of a bath for my 20 year old self, I’d love to know if you agree with any of these! Enjoy!

1. Ok, you know what, it’s been a shit day, I feel gross, plus I should probably shave my legs. I’ll have a bath. Initiating me time.

2. Gaaaah toughest decision of my life; which Lush bath bomb do I use?! I love ‘Big Blue’ but I also have ‘Butterball’ here and that’s a safe favourite. I could use both? Fuck it, I’ll have a bath bomb cocktail! In they both go.

3. Bollocks! Once again I’ve spent too long picking out a shower gel and now my bathtub is is about to overflow. Cue me frantically turning off taps in a half naked state. Nice.

4. Sweet Jesus I don’t even think hell is as hot as this water.I’ll just slowly lower myself in, no biggie, it’ll cool down… ouch ouch ouch ouch.

5. Shit! I forgot to take a pic of my bath set-up for Instagram. Too late now.

6. Aah, this is kind of nice now actually, I’m red as a lobster but hey ho.

7. Relaxation has kicked in, I repeat, relaxation has kicked in. Can’t move. This is goooood.

8. Ew, wrinkly hands. 

9. Ok, I should wash my hair now. Who knew it’d be so much harder when sat down? There’s shampoo in my eye, I’m blind, the shower head is spraying in all kinds of directions. Fml.

11. Shaving time. I will be a majestic streamlined smooth unicorn dolphin. Yaaas.

12. URGHHH can’t reach all of the places!!!

13. Damn! Who knew I could get my leg in this position?

14. The shave is done. My hair is washed. I’ve used my trusty Lush ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel. Time to get out I’ve had enough now.

15. Fuck. I didn’t bring a towel. 


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