Coconut Lane.. So dreamy!

Hey lovelies! So I’ve been a super naughty blogger and I haven’t posted in a while- I know, tut tut! BUT it’s because I’ve been so flippin’ busy recently I just haven’t had time to sit down and get the ideas for posts from my head to my computer screen. Sigh. However, I’m back and I am armed with SO MANY ideas so expect exciting posts on the regulaaaar.

So this post is in collaboration with the gorgeous Coconut Lane UK who are THE experts in putting the chic and sassy in home and fashion accessories. Their line is totally gorgeous and I mean g-o-r-geous! I’m talking sassy framed quotes, on-trend mobile phone cases and cute & minimal jewellery. What more could a blogger want?!

coconut lane 1


I think these items make fabulous Christmas gifts for your friends. I just bought my bestie a framed quote (I won’t say which one because there’s a chance she’ll read this) but I know she’ll love it! I will upload a post on it after she’s opened it.. All will be revealed! I’ve also picked up a few bits and pieces for myself including the “Stay classy, sassy and a bit bad-assy” quote and the CUTEST elephant earrings.

I am just in love with how aesthetically pleasing everything is, from the products right down to the site itself! It’s every blogger’s dream accessory site! AND because the people at Coconut Lane HQ are SUPER lovely and I love my followers, you can get 20% off of ANY purchase using the code PAIGE20. Just in time for Christmas as well… Perfect! You can visit their website and shop ’til you drop here:

coconut lane 2

If you use my code let me know what you purchase, I’d love to see! Or, if you’re already a lover of the brand, tell me your fave items!

Lots of love

Paige xx


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