Lunchtime in Bristol: Wok to Walk

Hello fellow blogging beauties! So it’s no secret that I am a total foodie; I love trying all different types of food and going to new places for something a little different to the norm. I have recently been on the hunt for a yummy, slightly different and relatively healthy lunchtime choice in Bristol and I think I may have found my new go-to lunch spot! This little gem is called ‘Wok to Walk’ and they are a fabulous little restaurant that specialise in Asian street-food. They describe themselves as- “A quick service restaurant chain specialising in Asian food, stir-frying and wok cooking. The best exotic fast-food to takeaway or eat in the restaurant.” I couldn’t agree more! I would much rather head to these guys for my lunch than grab a sandwich or a Subway or something similar. You can enjoy your Wok to Walk sitting and eating-in, take-away or have it delivered!

Here’s their menu. It’s a super easy step-by-step ordering process and the combinations of flavours and ingredients is endless! Go crazy!

wok to walk menu

I have been back to Wok to Walk 3 times now so I’ve tried a few different combinations. My favourite combos have to be Egg noodles with duck breast, sesame seeds and Hot Asia sauce and Udon noodles with fillet beef, Shitake mushrooms and Saigon sauce. The portions are REALLY generous as well. Your Wok to Walk comes served in an authentic Asian cardboard box, with your choice of chopsticks or a fork, and the box is filled to the brim! I find their food keeps me full up throughout my working day and I don’t feel at all hungry again until late evening.

The staff in Wok to Walk are all super friendly and helpful and do not mind customising your order to make it perfect for you. For example, one time I didn’t fancy all of the veg tossed in with my noodles but they had no problem in leaving them out for me. That’s the beauty of this fresh, made-to-order service. Everything is cooked in front of you whilst you wait as well. It’s really cool watching the chefs cook your lunch in an authentic Wok using traditional Asian methods! I have found the wait is never longer than 10 mins either- that’s not long at all for fresh food cooked from scratch! Totally worth the wait.

Here’s a couple of pictures I took on my latest visit to Wok to Walk. You can see the counter, kitchen and menu all on display from where I sat and waited for my food! I’ve also pictured my fillet beef noodles! (half eaten- oops!)

wok to walk 1

wok to walk 3

I really hope you guys liked this post! If any of you visit Bristol and try Wok to Walk, let me know and tell me what you think! I highly recommend them to everyone looking for a tasty lunch! Where do you like to grab a quick bite to eat from? Do you have a local favourite? Let me know! I will link Wok to Walk’s Twitter & Website below- Bye for now x

Wok to Walk Twitter

Wok to Walk Website


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