An eye palette for £2.99?! My Review.

So the other day I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across an American girls account where she posted a picture of this GORGEOUS eye shadow palette. I instantly thought “Omg I need it!” and then I read her caption where she said it was only $5 from eBay! This made me want it even more. I HAD to know whether this palette was actually any good or not, so I went ahead and searched it out…

This girl didn’t have a link to the palette on her pic, and it’s unbranded, so I just typed in ‘Eye Palette’, as she suggested, into eBay and hoped for the best. Low and behold, after a bit of scrolling, I found it! Not only is it a mere £2.99 it also had free P+P. Wow.

palette 1

My super cheap palette arrived just 4 days later (pretty quick for standard delivery) and I was greeted with a shiny black case, kind of like the Morphe eye palette cases, and 15 beautiful matte shadows in neutral, autumnal tones. So pretty!

One thing I did notice straight away is that a few of the brown shades are very similar. Almost too similar. It could easily be a 12 shadow palette and be just as good. They can afford to get rid of a few of the very similar brown colours. That said though, if your fave brown runs out you always have a nearly identical back up- score!

palette 2

Before putting any of these colours on my face, I did a swatch of a few of the colours. This was the moment of truth. I expected my £2.99 palette to reflect it’s cheap price in it’s quality, giving me little or no pigmentation. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! The pigmentation is great! I mean, no, it’s not your Urban Decay Smoky palette, but for £2.99 you really cannot complain at the pigmentation. The darker colours are especially good. You need a bit more product when using the lighter ones. My favourite colour in the palette is the terracotta-redish/brown in the middle- it’s gorgeous!


The look I created:

Here’s a step by step guide to the look I created using only this palette on my eyes. The only other eye products I used where my mascara, eye liner and a bit of Bare Minerals loose pigment. I also won’t cover what I used on my whole face/brows- just my eyes!

  • Firstly, I used Urban Decay’s Potion Eye Primer all over the lid.
  • Next, I used the light beige colour on the bottom row, in the middle, all over each lid as a base.
  • After that, I took the redish/brown terracotta colour from the middle of the palette and used that in the crease of my eye lid, blending it out.
  • I then added the black shade to the outer V in the crease of my eye to deepen the red and add more drama & depth.
  • Next, I used the white shade, in the top left hand corner of the palette, as a base for my highlighter. I used it along my brow bone and on the inner corners of my eyes.
  • To highlight, I used MAC’s Soft & Gentle.
  • For a touch of glitz and glamour, I used the Bare Minerals Loose Eye Colour Pigment in ‘Grace’ (link here) which is a beautiful, highly pigmented loose powder in a light golden/beige colour. It’s really beautiful and goes particularly well with brown eyes, although I’m sure anyone could pull this off.
  • I then used my Estee Lauder Little Black Liner for my wings.
  • After that, I used the redish/brown colour mixed with a little black to smudge along my bottom lid, lining it.

Here’s the result (It was really really dark when I did this look so the pictures aren’t as good as I’d hoped!)

eye look 1 eye look 2 eye look 3


So, there you have it! For £2.99 you can grab an absolute bargain on a decent quality palette full of lovely, matte, autumnal shades!

There’s a link to the palette HERE

I hope you enjoyed this review, let me know your thoughts on this super cheap buy and also if you try it for yourselves!


7 thoughts on “An eye palette for £2.99?! My Review.

  1. Wow.. I love a bargain .. And the palette looks really good too!Loved this review girly.. I always love getting a good review before buying something, especially something from Ebay 🙂
    Saira xx


  2. I think the look you’ve created is gorgeous! Shame there’s so many similar shades but for such a cheap price you can really complain! I really like the red shade, it’s so pretty. I wish I could buy more make up off eBay because there really are some gems, it’s just nearly impossible to find out whether they are cruelty free!!

    Teri-May xx


    1. The red shade is gorgeous and so pigmented! I was super surprised! I didn’t even think to check if it was CF 😦 totally forgot, I was so consumed with wanting it because it was £2.99 and I had to see what it was actually like! It’s not something I’d replace and buy again, but, for the price I’m pretty happy!xx


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