Body Shop- Elderflower Under Eye Gel Review

Hi again lovely people, I hope you’re well and enjoying the Halloween celebrations! This post will be a review on the Body Shop’s Elderflower Under Eye Gel, so grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the read!

Now, this product has been around for some time, however, I’ve never seen it or noticed it before until very recently. After purchasing this I found out it’s actually listed as one of the Body Shop’s best sellers which made me even more excited about using and reviewing it. This clear gel is described as “cooling” and “refreshing” and helps soothe tired eyes and diminish under eye dark circles. It’s very gentle and un-perfumed so is the perfect under eye treatment for sensitive skin.

elderflower 1

I have been on the hunt for an under eye treatment for a while and just happened to stumble across this one whilst browsing my local Body Shop.I struggle with tiredness and fatigue and often feel very heavy around my eyes, as well as having dark circles, so I was instantly intrigued by this product as it looked like it may really help me. I’ve tried other under eye treatments by the likes of Simple Skincare and Garnier, however, I feel they left my skin feeling a little sticky and it felt uncomfortable applying make up over the top.

The consistency of this gel is very thin and once applied, and dabbed into the skin, it disappears and doesn’t leave any feeling on your skin whatsoever- which is amazing. I can comfortably apply my make up straight after using it. The pot may look small, at 15ml, but don’t be disheartened by the small size; a little really does go a long way! I take a tiny little drop on my finger and that is enough to use under both eyes. I can tell this will last me a very long time!

In terms of a physical difference- there isn’t a massively noticeable change once I’ve applied this, BUT, it does reduce the puffiness of my tired eyes a little in the morning which is fab. In terms of how my eyes feel after I’ve applied it, they feel totally cooled and soothed and much more awake. That horrible, tired and heavy feeling just lifts and it’s amazing.

My Top Tips:

  • I keep my gel in the fridge! That way it’s extra cool and feels so nice on tired eyes- such a relief!
  • I use mine morning and night to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

This little pot of loveliness retails at £7.50 in Body Shop stores and online (link here) and I would say it’s defintely worth a try! It feels amazing on the skin, it’s very affordable and it’s obviously cruelty free. If you’re looking for a cooling and soothing under eye treatment, be sure to give this one a go! It’s a yes from me!

Until next time xx


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