A little thank you…♥

Afternoon lovelies! This post is a little thank you to a fellow blogger who goes by Gemma OH on twitter, there’s a link to her page here: @g3mmaoh. Gemma recently did a give away that tied in with her birthday where you could win a MAC lip-liner in the shade Ruby-Woo. What girl in this day and age wouldn’t want to win this? Lip-liner is all the rage right now, and MAC one’s are up their with the most desirable of them! I HAD to enter, what did I have to loose?

I was over the moon to receive an email from Gemma, not long after I had entered, telling me I’d won the give away- yay! A few days later an adorable pink parcel arrived for me and inside was the Ruby-Woo liner & the sweetest note, handwritten and decorated by Gemma. I won’t re-write everything Gemma said in the note on here in case she’d rather not have everyone reading it, but it was very sweet and it made me smile!

giveaway prize

My verdict on the lip liner? Like all MAC lip liners, this one is suuuuper pigmented and almost stains the skin- it’s so hard to get off! BUT, I see that as a good thing because it means there’s a lot less chance of your lip liner coming off when you are eating and drinking throughout the day. It also feels like it will apply with precision and ease, like my other liners by MAC. I haven’t actually tried Ruby-Woo on my lips yet (I only received it a couple of days ago!) but because it’s such a bright, true-red colour I wanted to save it for a special occasion. I’m going out for a meal with my boyfriend and his family on Saturday so I may wear it then! When I do put it on I can always take a few pics if that’s something you’d like me to do!

MAC describe Ruby-Woo as a “very matte vivid bluered”. It’s defintely a show stopper of a colour and is great to spice up your normal make up routine!

If any of you guys are interested in buying the MAC Ruby-Woo lip liner (or any of their other lip liners) just follow the link here to their website.

Thanks for stopping by again and THANK YOU Gemma for doing such an awesome give away! Make sure to check out her Twitter here and her blog here she’s awesome!

Bye for now x


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