Come with me to DUBAI!

Hey guys! All of this chilly autumnal weather has got me reminiscing over my summer holidays, one place in particular being beautiful Dubai. I’ve been to Dubai 3 times now (I know- I just can’t stay away). I’m just in love with the rich and luxurious lifestyle out there, the hot sunny weather and the food! Their culture is so so different to ours over here in the Western side of the world which makes it a very interesting place to visit and explore.

My family and I where drawn to holidaying in the Middle-East as we were looking for a relaxed, care-free, beach holiday. My mum spent her teenage years growing up in Qatar, a country very similar to Dubai in the Middle East, so she was very keen to go back over to that side of the world and experience it all again with her own family. We are also all amazed by the incredible man-made Palm island- the famous focal point of Dubai! We just had to go and check it out and we haven’t been able to stay away since!


Highlights of my trips to Dubai:

  • The hotels! I have stayed in 3 different ones; the Fairmont, the Anantara and the Atlantis. All of them were b-e-a-utiful and located on the palm. My fave was deffo the Atlantis; it’s simply incredible, I didn’t know a building could be so glamorous!
  • The glorious weather and white sandy beaches!
  • The city skyline at night is just the most beautiful spectacular view EVER.
  • Their food is the best. Arabic cuisine is to die for. Their baklava dessert melt in the mouth caramel and sugar soaked pastries and wow  their so good!
  • The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, stands at 820m in Dubai & it’s incredible. It is a must see and you should deffo go up it if you get the time!
  • Their shopping malls make our malls here look like markets. They are HUGE and have every shop you could possibly dream of. I’m talking Sephora, Mac, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, you name it- they’ve got it!
  • The local people are so incredibly kind and happy. It’s infectious!
  • Ok so I’m a bit of a petrol-head and the motors over there are a car lovers DREAM. Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, Bugatti’s they have them all and they’re all so freakin’ gorgeous.

atlantis dubai


My tips for enjoying Dubai:

  • I would advise to go ‘all-inclusive’ with your hotel. It may seem pricey at first BUT you will save a hell of a lot more money than you would if you had to eat out all the time.
  • The hotel is a HUGE part of the experience. You will spend most of your time on resort so make sure to pick the best hotel to suit you- hotels on the palm are often bigger & nicer!
  • The Mall of the Emirates is WAY better than the Dubai Mall. Just ask the locals & trust me on this one.
  • Tip the staff (bell boys, towel boys, taxi drivers ect.) you will be treated like royalty! Plus, they work damn hard anyway, they deffo deserve it.
  • The clothing rules are NOT as strict as you may think. The key is just to be respectful. You can wear whatever you want on the resort but when you go into the city it’s important to remember you’re in someone else’s country and what may not offend us might offend them. Just don’t show too much skin or flaunt cleavage about, simple stuff like that. Also keep public displays of affection to a minimum… hand holding is ok but save the kisses for the bedroom!
  • They have a super cheap (and seriously awesome) supermarket called Carrefour. You can find this at most malls. It’s a good idea to buy snacks/water here and take them back to your hotel room as supplies, as buying these things in the hotel is expensive!
  • WEAR SUN CREAM!! Buy and wear the highest factor possible. That sun is ferocious and you will burn to a crisp. Trust me… I did. You will still tan, it’ll just stop you burning and protect your lovely, healthy skin!
  • Go in the sea. Enjoy it. It’s like a warm bath.
  • Try all the local cuisine, even things you think you won’t like- you’ll be surprised!
  • Underneath the Burj Khalifa are the famous Dancing Fountains. They put on a show every night and it’s SO worth the watch. It’s absolutely beautiful.
  • Do your shopping at night! It’s cooler and that’s when the city comes alive! Malls stay open till 1am and they are always buzzing. Enjoy the sun and the beach by day and shop till you drop at night!
  • Going in Spring or Autumn time tends to be cheaper and a little cooler if you aren’t a fan of constant 45 degree heat.
  • Stay very hydrated! Sun stroke can and will happen. Don’t underestimate the sun.
  • Learn some basic Arabic phrases- they love it when you try and get involved with their local culture. For example I learnt that thank you is ‘shukraan’ and hello is ‘marhabaan’.
  • Save lots of money up before you go so you can really treat yourself and loved ones when out shopping.
  • You can pack really light. I tend to lounge around in a bikini and flip flops by day and nice smart/casual outfits in the evening into the night.

burj khalifa


Kempinski Hotel & Residences Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If anyone has more questions for me on travelling to Dubai please leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter! Thanks for reading xx


4 thoughts on “Come with me to DUBAI!

  1. I have only been once to Dubai but OH MY it is AMAZING! I want to go again so bad .. And I agree with every single thing you’ve said about it! Literally my dream is to live there (If only!).. I have been pondering between booking a holiday to either Dubai or Turkey.. You have just my mind up for me 😀
    Love this post princess!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh I know right?! I would love to live & work out there it is simply beautiful! If you do decide to go to Dubai I’d love to know where you choose to stay- tell me all about it!😁
    Lots of love xxx


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