Fifty things that make me happy tag.

Hello again! I’m super excited about this post; I was tagged by the lovely @pixie_oxox on Twitter to do the ’50 things that make me happy’ tag! It really made me realise how much I have to be happy and grateful for and that the little things in life often mean the most. So, Without further ado, here’s my 50 happy things- enjoy!

choose hapiness

  1. My boyfriend. I can rely on him 100% to put me in the best mood no matter what’s going on. He’s just the most caring, thoughtful and patient person and I can’ think of anyone who makes me happier just by being themselves. I’m very lucky!
  2. Family, of course. I have a very supportive set of parents & a younger sister who help me out whenever I need them.
  3. My dog! She’s my baby & has been my best buddy for the past 14 years.
  4. I love visiting my grandparents for a catch up over tea & cake.
  5. My job! I love working in social media it’s deffo the career path for me!
  6. I’m definitely a lover of money. Having money & earning money makes me happy.
  7. I love my car & I love driving! I have a white Toyota Aygo & it’s my pride and joy!
  8. I love a messy night out with my friends in our home city of Bristol! Big up Mr Wolves nightclub woop woop.
  9. Following a night out I love nothing more than stumbling home drunkenly giggling with my boyfriend. I love that we can both go out & be silly together.
  10. I love shopping. Deffo a self-confessed shop-o-holic!
  11. My fave thing to shop for is MAKE UP! I’m a total make up junkie. Make up makes me so happy!
  12. I love cute décor like lava lamps, twinkly lights, candles and fluffy throws.
  13. I love adding photos and memories to my pin board in my room.
  14. Travel makes me VERY happy. I live to travel. I have a huge list of destinations I want to visit in my lifetime and I can’t wait to embark on many many adventures. Watch this space!
  15. I love to blog! I was very scared to start for a while because I thought I wouldn’t be very good and that no one would notice me… But I started blogging for myself because it’s something I’m passionate about and I do it for me and I am SO HAPPY with how welcoming and lovely and gorgeous the blogging community is! Everyone is so supportive and amazing and ugh… I just love it. Blogging & other bloggers make me happy!
  16. Food makes me happy. Probably too happy! My fave foods consist of chocolate, cake, pasta, cheese, pastries, pizza, mango… the list goes on. I’m a foodie! *bites into slice of pizza*
  17. Speaking of food (I’m now hungry) going out for meals makes me happy! I love to try new places and try lots of different cuisines. At the moment I’m loving Asian street food type dishes & there’s a cool new take-out place called Wok to Walk near me- score!
  18. Cocktails make me happy!
  19. Happy hour makes me happy.
  20. I love going for a walk along the seafront where I live.
  21. The festive season makes me happy.
  22. Happiness is a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.
  23. I feel happy when strangers smile back at you in the street.
  24. I like back tickles, warm hugs, having my hair played with and sleepy kisses.
  25. I feel so happy when you surprise a loved one or a friend and their face just lights up and you feel so good knowing you’ve made them happy.
  26. Music makes me happy. I love and appreciate all genres and I’ll try listening to anything new.
  27. Game of Thrones is one of THE best TV series ever and watching it makes me happy!
  28. A good cup of tea is happiness in a mug.
  29. Animals make me happy! Huge animal lover.
  30. Sales on your fave brands! I could almost CRY with happiness when this happens.
  31. I love where I live. Bristol is an awesome city with so much to see and do and that makes me happy. One of my fave spots in Bristol is the Clifton Downs/Suspension Bridge. It’s just beautiful and it’s the best place for a scenic autumnal walk.
  32. Crappy TV shows & takeaway on the sofa makes me happy.
  33. Treating myself to greats skin care products or, even better, going to a spa for a chill out day makes me sooo relaxed and sooo happy. Two fabulous spa’s near me are Cadbury House and Bath Spa.
  34. I like taking day trips to other cities near me, like Bath or Cardiff, just to switch up my usual scene and find cool new places to eat, drink and shop!
  35. It makes me feel happier when people listen to you and help you out when you’re feeling down instead of making you feel silly about being upset.
  36. I love random texts from people that let you know they’re thinking of you.
  37. I love sending random texts to people to let them know I’m thinking of them.
  38. It makes me happy taking loads of silly photos at every opportunity creating memories to look back on.
  39. Sunrise and sunset make me happy.
  40. Driving with the windows down and the music all the way up!
  41. Baking makes me happy.
  42. Clean, fresh clothes/bed sheets.
  43. I love empty days with no plans.
  44. Birthdays.
  45. Staying in hotels. I have a weird love for being in a hotel even if it’s just a night.
  46. Fresh flowers, they always brighten your room and mood.
  47. Getting a new comment or follower on my blog – thank you!
  48. Pretty stationary.
  49. The feeling after accomplishing something I worked really hard on.
  50. Meeting new people I instantly click with.

take a smile


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