Sunday Morning- Get Ready with Me!

Hi again everyone! So this weekend I thought I’d plan a little ‘get ready with me’ blog to post for you this week! This is my chilled out Sunday morning routine so expect lie in’s, natural make up and casual outfits! Obviously my “weekday” routines and “night out” routines are very different, so I think I’ll do ‘get ready with me’ posts for those times too, since I had a lot of fun planning this one! So grab a cuppa, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Step 1. So I’ll usually wake up around 10/10.30 on a Sunday (I do love a lie in on the weekend!) and lounge around in bed for half an hour or so reading blogs and checking my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I’ll then pop on my dressing gown and make my way downstairs to grab a hot drink and some breakie! My fave morning drink at the mo is hot honey and lemon. It’s super tasty and cleanses you from the inside out, a perfect way to start your day! To make mine I cut 2-3 slices of fresh lemon into boiling water and mix in 3tsps of honey.

hot lemon blog

Step 2. After waking up with a nice hot drink, I’ll then head for the shower to shake the rest of the sleep off and freshen up! I’m currently using the St Ives apricot face scrub as it’s super exfoliating and great for keeping blemishes at bay! It also smells divine! I’ll then use the Simple Revitalising Eye Gel once I’m out of the shower to keep the dark circles away. I’ve also joined the coconut oil hype! I’ve read so much about this stuff recently and decided to give it ago myself. Coconut oil is full of skin loving nutrients, such as vitamin E, and is known to help with moisturising, reducing acne, reducing dark spots and retaining elasticity in the skin. I’ve been rubbing this stuff all over as a general face & body moisturiser and I LOVE it. It’s oily, but once rubbed in, it’s not greasy and leaves my skin super soft for hours and hours. I’ve noticed my face looks brighter and clearer and it smells SO GOOD! I’d definitely recommend investing in a tub of this yummy stuff as it’s great for skin but can also be used for hair, cooking and lots more. Check out this list of uses for coconut oil and go crazy! 101 Uses for Coconut Oil The oil I use is by Vita Coco and I bought it from Urban Outfitters for £9.

shower blog

Step 3. It’s make up time! I’m a huge lover of all things make up and my collection is pretty huge. (I think I have a bit of an addiction, but hey, there’s worse things to be addicted to, right?) However, on a chilled out Sunday with no plans, I love keeping it more natural and going for the ‘no-make-up-make-up’ look! My version of natural might still be a little heavy for some people, but this is how I feel comfortable.

make up blog

  • First, I use Sephora’s smoothing primer all over my face and the Smashbox photo finish hydrating under eye primer under my eyes on on my lids.
  • I have a lot of different foundations, but my fave for a natural dewy look is Clinique’s beyond perfecting foundation. I apply a thin-ish layer of this all over my face using my Urban Decay brush. (I won’t go into detail on my brushes/shades on this post but if that’s something you want to see in the future let me know in the comments!)
  • To cover any blemishes and my under eye area I use the MAC studio finish concealer duo. This stuff is incredible, but you’ll need to set it with powder if your skin is more oily as it leaves an oilier finish than other concealers I’ve used!
  • I use Chanel’s translucent natural finish powder to set the concealer and foundation. This powder doesn’t add any more colour which is great, it just sets the make up and takes away any unwanted shine whilst still leaving you looking dewy and natural.
  • I don’t do a full contour on my more natural looks, so I just take the bronzer shade from the Smashbox powder contour palette and lightly use it on the hollows of my cheeks, under my chin and the top of my forehead for some definition and colour.
  • I then use my Nars multi stick in the colour ‘Orgasm’ (cheeky) on the apples of my cheeks and a little on my cheekbones for a rosy glow. This stick is incredible! It’s multipurpose and can be used for eyes, lips and face. It’s very pigmented too so a little goes a long way!
  • For an extra little glow I like to dust Mac’s soft and gentle highlight on my cheekbones and nose, because who doesn’t want a little shimmer in their everyday life?!
  • That’s my face done, so next I move onto my brows. My brows are naturally very thick so I just use a brow brush on them, fill any gaps with a Sephora brow pencil and then set my them with Benefit’s gimme brow gel.
  • Brows done, I move down to my eyes. I like to highlight my brow bones and inner corners first so that none of it falls onto my mascara/liner and takes away from that black impact. I go back to my Mac soft and gently highlight to do this.
  • Next, I use my Smashbox powder contour palette again, but this time I use the darkest contour shade in the outer crease of my eyelid. I do this using the fluffy end of the brush that comes with the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. This matte powder just adds a little depth and definition to my eye.
  • I’ll then take the smaller, smudging brush end of the Urban Decay brush and use the shade ‘Whisky’ from the smoky palette to line my lower lash line and smudge to give a light, sultry, smoked out look. ‘Whisky’ is a very dark, matte brown/black.
  • I always love to do winged eye liner when I have the time, and for this I’ll use Benefit’s ‘They’re Real!’ push up liner or Estee Lauder’s little black liner. Wings on fleek!
  • Once the liner is applied, I use Smashbox full exposure mascara on my top and bottom lashes. This mascara is really light and lifts the lashes giving you a full, natural look.
  • After my eyes are done I wipe of any foundation/powder residue from my lips. I’ll then apply cocoa butter Vaseline before starting my go-to lip look. For my everyday lips I use Mac’s soar lip liner followed by Mac velvet teddy lipstick. Everyone is raving about this combo at the mo and I have to say I wouldn’t go to anything else for my everyday look! The matte finish makes it very natural and the combination of deep nude/pink tones in the liner and lipstick create fuller looking lips.
  • That’s my face done! I’ll just set everything in place with Urban Decay’s chill setting spray- this stuff is awesome! It sets your make up for 8 hours and leaves you feeling refreshed and hydrated without ruining your make up. It’s a winner!

Step 4. Once my make up is applied I’ll get dressed! I get dressed after doing my make up for a few reasons, mainly because I don’t want to accidentally get make up on my clothes, but also because I want to sit in my dressing gown and be comfy for as long as poss! It also allows time for the coconut oil to soak into my skin. If I have no plans on a Sunday, I’ll usually chill in leggings and a nice top. You can see this weekend and matched my outfit with my new coat (by Vera Moda from House of Fraser if you’re interested) as it looked pretty cold outside and I knew I’d be driving to my boyfriends house at some point.

clothes blog

Step 5. My hair! I’m pretty blessed in that my hair doesn’t need much doing to it at all, it’s super easy to look after and style. it’s mid-length to long, dark brown and naturally wavy/curly. I brush it through, let it dry naturally and spritz on some Moroccan sea salt spray by Organix to fight frizz and define my curls. If the front of my hair looks a little untidy or doesn’t dry nicely around my face, I’ll take my straighteners and shape it a little. Apart from that, I don’t use much heat on my hair and it’s good to go!

hair blog

Ta-da! That’s me ready for the day! The whole process takes about an hour to an hour and 15 mins, which may seem a little long for some people, but I’m not usually in a rush on a Sunday and I enjoy the getting ready process. I’ll usually spritz a bit of perfume on and then I’m ready to go about my day! I hope you enjoyed this read and if you have any questions, requests or comments for me please feel free to leave them below! Until next time x


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