CUPP BubbleTea Bar

Before I begin I’ll start by saying this post is not sponsored in anyway and I’m not getting any form of payment for writing this- I just HAVE to tell you guys about CUPP because they’re AWESOME.  I would love to know if any of you have ever tried bubbletea and what flavours you love the most! Leave comments on this post and let me know! Enjoy the read!

Who are CUPP BubbleTea?

bubb tea 1


CUPP are an awesome tea bar in central Bristol that opened in May 2012. They run their cute little business out of this really cool bright blue shipping container filled with strings of pretty lighting and mismatched seating that looks like their delivery boxes. Inside this quirky container is where the magic happens!

Sounds cool, but what’s Bubbletea?

Bubbletea drinks traditionally consist of tea, milk and chewy tapioca pearls which are vigorously shaken together to form a bubbly foam on top of the drink. These days, bubble tea is given to a wide variety of fruity and milk infused teas that are produced in this way. You pick your flavour (either fruit based or milky) then pick either chewy tapioca pearls or popping flavour bubbles, then pick your tea type- either Oolong, Black or Green! For example, mine and my sisters fave combo is peach with tapioca and black tea- mmm! Here’s what they look like;


CUPP-BUBBLE-TEA1-482x294 (1)

Why do I love CUPP?

There’s no sugary unhealthy powders at this bubble tea shop and their menu changes seasonally with different fruit flavours dictated by the fruit seasons. It’s all made fresh to order and tastes to refreshing! Plus, it’s the cutest little spot EVER. Totally Instagramable. AND their packaging is to die for. It’s a quirky little joint that makes a nice change to your average Costa or Starbucks. It’s also not too dissimilar in price to your average pumpkin spice latte. Can’t go wrong at £3.30 for a regular and £3.70 for a large!


Where are they/contact info?

Find CUPP on Twitter as CUPP

Find CUPP on Instagram as CUPP

Check out their website HERE

And here’s how to find them!

Philadelphia Street
(opposite the Apple Store)

Monday to Saturday / 10AM – 6:30PM

Sunday / 11AM – 5PM


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