Twenty Questions/Facts About Me Tag

Hello again! Thought I’d do a ‘Twenty facts about me’ tag so that those of you that don’t know me personally can find out a little bit more about me- enjoy!

Do you have any pets? 

Yes, one beautiful little doggy named Tess. She’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, ginger and white all over and she’s 13 years old! Old girl!

Do you drive?

I do, I got my licence November 12th 2014 after 4 attempts (let’s just say driving didn’t come naturally…) My first car was a light blue 04 Peugeot 206 and I now own a 13 plate Toyota Aygo in white- it’s my baby!

Where have you travelled abroad?

My first ever trip on a plane was to Canada where I stayed in Toronto, I was about 12 years old. I’ve also been to Florida a couple of times. Other places I’ve been to include Egypt, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, and my favourite place everrrrr… Dubai!

Fave food? 

Hmm… I love pasta of all kinds! Especially creamy sauces with chicken, mushrooms or cheese *drools* and of course I love chocolate! I also love marmite, macaroons and sausage sandwiches. Delish. 

Fave drink?

I love love loveeee Bubble Tea! There is the cutest Bubble Tea  shack in Bristol called CUPP. I go there every time I’m shopping in the centre without fail and order a medium peach and black tea drink with black tapioca pearls. Amazing. If I’m out on a night-out I’ll drink rose wine, Disaronno with coke, or cocktails.

Age and Birthday?

My bday is 9th November (1995) and I’m 19 years old.


I have one younger sister who is 15 years old and I live with my her, my mum and my dad.

Relationship status?

Very happily taken! 

Job Title?

Social Media and PR Apprentice for Empica PR, Bristol.

Fave make up brand?

One does not simply have one favourite make up brand! I have loooads and I’m always trying new things from new brands. I’d say the brands I’m using most at the moment are Urban Decay, MAC and Estee Lauder. I plan on doing more detailed make-up focused posts so stay tuned!

Fave clothes line?

Ok so my style is weird. One day I’ll be browsing the likes of Missguided and Pretty Little Thing for sleeveless jackets, ribbed dresses and heels and the next day I’ll be shopping alternative clothing stores like 71 Queens, NICCE London and Owkay Clothing for oversized T’s and hoodies to pair with my converses. 

Fave past time?

I like going out to eat in new places; I’m deffo a foodie. I enjoy spending waaaay to much money when shopping on things I really don’t (but really do) need like MORE make up. I love chilling with my boyfriend, we can literally do whatever and it’s fun. I like browsing for holidays, going on walks, organising and writing for my blog, social media, nights out with friends, watching cool documentaries on TV and sleeping.

Health conditions?

I suffer from SVT Syndrome (Supraventricular Tachycardia Syndrome). It’s an abnormally fast heart rate of over 100 heartbeats a minute. These abnormally fast readings aren’t 24/7. They happen in episodes called palpitations. You’ll usually feel your heart suddenly start racing and going very fast, then stop or slow down abruptly. This causes chest pain, dizziness, light-headedness, fainting, breathlessness and exhaustion. I had an op to rectify the problem when I was 17 but sadly the results haven’t been permanent and I’m now back on beta-blockers (heart rate slowing tablets) for life. It’s not life threatening and the tablets control it just fine! Find out more on SVT here: SVT Info

Pet hates?

LOUD CHEWING. I hate mouth sounds. I literally feel violent towards a person if they start chewing loudly near me or bite their nails or whack out gum, or smack their lips… ugh, I hate it. There’s a condition called Misophonia which describes people who have a severe hatred of certain sounds. It’s not officially recognised yet but lots of people are aware of it and claim to have it- me being one of them. Find out more on Misophonia here. Misophonia Info

Star sign?

Scorpio and proud! BIG believer in astrology and the star signs. Shout out to my Scorpio’s!

Biggest fears?

Change. Goodbyes. Spiders. Salad. Death. Pain. I’m just a worrier. I’ll panic about anything and cause an irrational fear for myself. 

Any tattoos?

This right here! Planning another one for November time so I’ll keep you posted on that! (This one is at the top of my right thigh if you can’t tell).

my tattoo

Celeb style crushes?

I legit LIVE for Kimmy K’s style. Her clothing, hair and make up is always on point. 

Fave music type?

Again, like my clothing style, my music preferences vary from day to day. My playlist could go from The Weeknd and Drake to Bring me the Horizon and Avenged Sevenfold.

Fave quote?

I love this quote. It’s what inspired my tattoo.



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