“My name is Paige.”

SO, here I am! I’m finally starting my personal blog! *excited squeals* It’s not that I haven’t wanted to start sooner, it’s just I haven’t known where to begin! I’m the new kid on the block, surrounded by hundreds of professional blogging beauties- and that’s an intimidating place to be! For so long now I’ve scrolled through my instagram feed with long sighs of “I‘d love to do something like that one day…” as I admire various beauty wish-lists, precariously placed fruity breakfasts and dreamy exotic locations. For so long I’ve wanted to share the things I love with everyone through flattering filters and rambling blog posts, so, today I thought what the heck! Today IS “one day”!

I think I’d describe my blog as a lifestyle blog. I don’t want to narrow it down too much because there is just sooo much I want to share, discuss and talk about with you guys! From beauty to food to music to travel to current affairs and relationships and work and no doubt much, much more! I already have a pretty long list of topics I am going to blog about including a few product reviews, food reviews and a piece on my recent trip to Paris- Ooh la la!

I’m totally open to suggestions from you guys, too. As you get to know me through my blog I’d LOVE you to request ideas for me to post about! The more ideas the merrier!

I have always loved writing. I’m not trying to sound cliché when I say that, but it’s true! Writing is all I ever wanted to do in school and as I’ve grown up I’m an avid reader of Cosmo magazine (love you, Cosmo) and other gossipy girls mags and, as a Social Media Intern for a PR company, (I’ll talk more about my job in a later post as it’s pretty cool and deserves talking about) I’m alwaaaaays writing and scouring social media for the latest news/gossip!

I’ll leave this post for now by saying I hope you enjoy my presence here in this wonderful world of blogging! Blogging/reading blogs is an awesome form of escapism, is also really informative and acts as an opportunity to meet other like minded people online; so here’s to blogging, new friends and exciting new journeys! I’ll pop links for my twitter & Instagram below- feel free to give me a follow as I’ll post updates/pictures for my blog on them!

My Twitter!

My Instagram!

Peace and love x


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